Elections Nova Scotia

In response to Resolution No. 645

In response to Resolution No. 645 of the House of Assembly (Appendix A), Elections Nova Scotia has reviewed the Elections Act, the Members and Public Employees Disclosure Act (MPEDA) and the Political Contributions Regulations in light of the experience of recent electoral events in Nova Scotia and examined the modernized election and election financing legislation of jurisdictions across Canada, including the Canada Elections Act.

May 6, 2011
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Elections Nova Scotia has Moved

Please Note: Elections Nova Scotia has moved. The new street address is noted below. The mailing address remains the same.
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Contact Information

New Street Address

 202 Brownlow Avenue, Suite 505
 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1T5

Mailing Address - the same as previous

 PO Box 2246
 Halifax, NS.
 B3J 3C8


 1-800-565-1504 (Toll free)  
 902-424-7475 (TTY) 
 1-866-774-7074 (Toll Free TTY) 
 902-424-6622 (Fax)


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Glace Bay and Yarmouth By-election Results will be posted on website

Release date: 
June 17, 2010
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Political Contributions Regime Annual Report for 2009 now available on line

Release date: 
June 30, 2010
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By-election called for Cumberland South, October 26th

Release date: 
September 23, 2010
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Cumberland South By-election Results will be posted on website

Release date: 
October 22, 2010
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Elections Nova Scotia’s Websites Now “talk”

Release date: 
February 11, 2011
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A Dozen Ways To Vote

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It’s Easy to Vote in Nova Scotia Provincial Elections. 

Under the Elections Act, there are a dozen ways to vote in Nova Scotia provincial elections and options for how and when you may vote. For example, during an election, you may vote on any day of the week except Sundays and the Monday before election day.

Here are the many different ways of voting.

1. Vote at Your Polling Station on Election Day

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