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Candidates and Official Agents

How to Become a Candidate

There are two types of candidates in Nova Scotia: those who are affiliated with a registered political party, and independents. If you are planning to run for election as an MLA representing a party, the party must first register with Nova Scotia's Chief Electoral Officer.

Candidate Registration

Candidates must register with Elections Nova Scotia if they receive a contribution or transfer, or if they have incurred an expense.  Form 1-1 must be completed and submitted for approval by the Chief Electoral Officer.  The Application for registration must also provide a statement signed by the leader of the registered party that the registered candidate is an endorsed candidate of the registered party. Candidate may register at any time. 

Current Registered Candidates

The following candidate(s) are registered for pending elections in the Electoral District (ED) indicated.

  • Gerard Bray, Liberal – ED 28, Halifax Chebucto
  • Liam MacDonald, Independent Candidate – ED 16, Cumberland South
  • Lorelei Murphy, Liberal – ED 03, Argyle
  • Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, Independent Candidate – ED 15, Cumberland North

The Candidate Nomination Process

Once an election is called, to become a formally nominated candidate, you must:

  • file your completed nomination paper (Form 105, Candidate Nomination ) with the Returning Officer in the electoral district in which you plan to run not later than 2:00 pm on Nomination Day, which is the 20th day before election day
  • pay a deposit of $200
  • include a letter from the Party Leader endorsing your candidacy if you are running for a registered political party
  • have your Nomination Paper signed by at least five electors who would be qualified to vote for you. However, it is a good idea to have a few more signatures just in case there is a problem with someone's qualifications
  • appoint an Official Agent and an Auditor. Candidates must not handle their own finances.

Once you have done all that and the Returning Officer signs the receipt for your deposit on your Nomination Paper, you are considered "officially nominated."

What else does it take to become a candidate? You must

  • be an eligible elector, i.e., be at least 18 years of age on election day, be a Canadian citizen, and a resident of Nova Scotia for six months preceeding the issuance of the writ, and
  • not be disqualified to be a candidate or MLA under the Elections Act, House of Assembly Act, or any other Provincial Act

Nominated Candidates

Nominated candidates require an auditor who is licensed to audit with CPA Nova Scotia.

Please refer to the handbook “Information for Prospective Candidates” for more details.

Guides For Official Agents of Candidates

Several resources are available for the Candidates and Official Agents in the Handbooks and Forms section.

Elections Nova Scotia Policies

Candidates and Official Agents should also be aware of Elections Nova Scoita’s policies and interpretive circulars. The following are of interest to Candidates and their official Agents:

Guides for Scrutineers

The Role of a Scrutineer

Appointment of Scrutineers 


Training Videos for Candidates and Official Agents

June 2021 Candidate Official Agent Training, Completing the Financial Report

June 2021 Candidate Official Agent Training, Financial Reporting Requirements


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