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Teaching Citizenship, Democracy & Participation in Elections

Growing Great Citizens is an integrated education program developed by Elections Nova Scotia.  The program includes: hands-on activities, in-class workshops, an award-winning Canadian cartoon series, "Pillars of Freedom," an online, interactive game, games, puzzles, and other activities for young voters of the future, and resources for running student elections.

Growing Great Citizens:

  • creates life-long learning skills and the habit of participation among Nova Scotia youth
  • integrates the complete election experience with Nova Scotia's social studies curricula
  • adapts to many other classroom and learning levels, particularly grades 4 and 5
  • focuses on interactive learning - students learn how to make informed choices, experience the impact and power of their choices
  • features handouts, worksheets and support materials such as ballot boxes and voting screens
  • Includes Pillars of Freedom, an award-winning Canadian cartoon series for students of all ages.  Young students relate to the characters and their dilemma.  Older students understand the metaphor and many teachers use the cartoons to stimulate discussions

Create the election experience in the classroom

Growing Great Citizens is supported by school workshops delivered by Nova Scotia returning officers in the classroom.


Student Voting For Teachers

Video answers

Nova Scotia's SpringtideCo has created a series of entertaining and informative videos for all ages.

Here is the English video for parents and teachers. Scroll down this page for the French version of the video.


En Français:

Additional Resources

  • Please click here to view and download the new Electoral District maps.
  • Elections Nova Scotia has developed a portfolio of activities and publications made available on this website in English and French. The portfolio has a special focus on Nova Scotia's role in the development of democracy in Canada. It contains activities for young Nova Scotians and materials in English and French including a replica newspaper from the mid-19th century, puzzles and quizzes http://electionsnovascotia.ca/learning-resources/history

Enhance student elections in your school

Elections Nova Scotia now provides a resource package for student election organizers. It includes the following tools to support the student voting experience.

  • Ballots
  • Ballot box
  • Voting screen
  • Election To Do Checklist
  • CD with forms and other support materials

For further information contact Elections Nova Scotia:
phone: 902-424-3275 or toll-free: 1-800-565-1504
email: Elections at NovaScotia.ca

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