Elections Nova Scotia

Information for Registered Political Parties for Nova Scotia Provincial Elections

Our Province's legislation defines a registered party as a group of individuals whose primary purpose is the fielding of candidates for election as members of the House of Assembly.

Perhaps you have some ideals you want to share with Nova Scotia and feel that forming a new registered party is the best way to do that. Choosing to become involved in the history and direction of our province is a great commitment.

However, before you can become a registered party, you must meet certain registration criteria established by the Elections Act.

You'll find all the details in the Elections Act Section 180

Party Registration:

This registration is required under the Elections Act should take place before an election is called. A political party registered with the Chief Electoral Officer becomes a recognized political party in Nova Scotia.

Annual reporting, in addition to post-election reporting is required. The forms for this reporting are 3-1 through 3-5:

The deadlines for filing these reports are:

  • Change in information: 10 days after effective date of change
  • Annual Report: April 30
  • Election Expenses: 120 days after return of writ
  • Fundraising: 120 days after event

Registered Political Parties in Nova Scotia

There are six registered political parties in Nova Scotia. These are:

Atlantica Party Association of Nova Scotia
Website: www.atlanticaparty.ca/

Green Party of Nova Scotia
Website: www.greenpartyns.ca

Nova Scotia Liberal Party
Website: www.liberal.ns.ca

Nova Scotia New Democratic Party
Website: www.nsndp.ca

Nova Scotians United
Website: www.nsunited.ca

Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia
Website: www.pcparty.ns.ca


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