Elections Nova Scotia

Information for Election Workers in Nova Scotia

Employment Opportunities

For information on employment opportunities at Elections Nova Scotia monitor our Employment Application page. Once an election has been called, we will be posting jobs here. Did you know that ENS is normally staffed by less than twenty full time staff but during a provincial general election the number of people employed rapidly swells to approximately 6,000 election workers.

eLearning for Continuous Voting

We have a series of six training videos for people working in continuous voting opportunities (advance poll, returning office poll, community poll, campus poll) during an election. Check out the videos if you’re considering applying as a Presiding Officer or Deputy Presiding Officer or just want to know how the continuous voting works.

eLearning for Election day

On election day, key election worker roles are poll clerk, deputy returning officer and poll supervisor. Every person hired in one of these three roles will successfully complete the appropriate training module. If you just want to know more about the role or are thinking about applying for a position when the employment opportunity opens.


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