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Elections Nova Scotia recognizes the media's valuable role in communicating the election process to the public. See the list below or our printed reports for information and statistics. For further assistance please contact us directly.

Online election information

Online Election Information

(From the Elections Act) sec 94 (1) The only persons permitted to be in a polling station while the poll is open are… (g) media representatives authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer, upon request, to be present and to film or photograph registered party leaders and the candidates running against them, as they cast their ballots.

Also, Sec 95 (4) For greater certainty, no person present in a polling station shall operate an electronic device unless that person is directly authorized to do so under this Act or does so with the permission of the Chief Electoral Officer or designate, obtained in advance. 2011, c. 5, s. 95; 2015, c. 17, s. 33.

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Andy LeBlanc

Director, Policy & Communications







February 24, 2017
Many Canadians are only directly involved in the electoral process when they head to a polling station to vote for their local councillor, member of provincial legislature or federal parliament. Others have made a career working in politics and some serve democracy by making...
February 16, 2017
Elections Nova Scotia’s Chief Electoral Officer and the Assembly of First Nations’ Regional Chief have agreed to work together to enhance elections services offered on Reserve in the next provincial general election. Chief Electoral Officer Richard Temporale hopes the...
February 15, 2017
The Report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the Proceedings of the Halifax Needham By- Election August 30, 2016 Volume I: Statement of Votes and Statistics was tabled in the House of Assembly last evening. In addition to the report documenting the results and analysis of...
October 14, 2016
Elections Nova Scotia continues to deliver on its role as an independent, non-partisan agency responsible for conducting provincial elections and by-elections. Elections Nova Scotia’s Annual Report of the Chief Electoral Officer 2015-2016, tabled today in the House of Assembly,...
October 11, 2016
Elections Nova Scotia – This is a reminder that Municipal Affairs and not Elections Nova Scotia is responsible for conducting school board and municipal elections which are being held this Saturday October 15, 2016. Elections Nova Scotia is the independent, non-partisan...
August 29, 2016