Elections Nova Scotia


Travelling away from home during an election? If you will be travelling for work or recreation during an election you can still vote. Here’s how you can vote.

Away only Election Day?

Consider voting at any one of the continuous polls or advance polls offered throughout the province. In Nova Scotia you can vote outside of your home district up to and including the Saturday before election day.


Travelling outside Nova Scotia?

If you will be travelling outside the province during the election, you may want to consider voting by write-in ballot. You can vote this way from anywhere in the world but it involves a little more preparation.


Write-in ballot application

You can download the write-in ballot application from the Elections Nova Scotia website, or call us at 1-800-565-1504 and we’ll send you one by mail or email.

Follow the instructions for completing your application and fax, email or mail it back to us.

Once the application is approved by Elections Nova Scotia, you will be sent a write-in ballot kit with instructions.


Write-in ballot deadlines

You can only complete an application after an election has been called.

The application must also be received at least 10 days before election day to allow sufficient time for completion of the voting process.

You may complete the ballot anytime but remember it must be received at Elections Nova Scotia headquarters by 8:00pm on election day.


See this brochure for information on completing a write-in ballot:

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