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Cumberland South By-election Report Released

Cumberland South By-election Report Released

The Report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the Proceedings of the Cumberland South By-election, held June 19, 2018, has been submitted to the House of Assembly.

This report includes the results and analysis of voting opportunities and elector participation, financial information and statistics, as well as three recommendations by the Chief Electoral Officer, Richard Temporale, for future consideration by the members of the Assembly.

At the close of polls on election day, a total of 5,790 (53%) of the 10,927 people on the final list of electors in Cumberland South voted. A third (33.3%) of the voters in this by-election voted before election day through advance polls, returning office continuous polls, community polls, or write-in ballots. Progressive Conservative candidate Tory Rushton, was declared elected at the Official Addition on Thursday, June 21.

Savings on lease costs, advertising, staffing, and candidate reimbursements resulted in a significantly lower cost for the Cumberland South by-election. The total cost per elector was $13.41 compared to $16.07 for the last by-election held in Halifax Needham in 2016.

The full report is available at: https://electionsnovascotia.ca/2018_CumberlandSouth

Media Contact: Naomi Shelton

Director, Policy & Communications




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