Elections Nova Scotia

Cumberland South

Poll By Poll Results

Information and reports on the Cumberland South by-election held June 19, 2018 will be here as it becomes available.

2018 Cumberland South By-election Expenses

PC Tory Rushton Expenses (PDF)

Green Bruce W. McCulloch Expenses (PDF)

NDP Larry Duchesne Expenses (PDF)

Liberal Scott Lockhart Expenses (PDF)


2018 Cumberland South By-election Disclosure

PC Tory Rushton Disclosure (Excel)

Green Bruce W. McCulloch Disclosure (Excel)

NDP Larry Duchesne Disclosure (Excel)

Liberal Scott Lockhart Disclosure (Excel)


2018 Cumberland South By-election Registered Party Expenses

Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia (PDF)

Green Party of Nova Scotia (PDF)

Nova Scotia New Democratic Party (PDF)

Nova Scotia Liberal Party (PDF)