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Vote Count will Continue At Midnight

Release date: 
August 17, 2021

Vote Count will Continue At Midnight

Media Release: Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Elections Nova Scotia – Voting counting will continue at midnight. The Chief Electoral Officer, Richard Temporale had previously indicated he may need to end the vote count at midnight. The count is proceeding, and unofficial results should be complete in most districts at a reasonable time. Elections Nova Scotia continues to review electoral districts with outstanding polls and will communicate soon on what districts will be able to complete their vote count tonight.

Click here forlive feed results.

Elections Nova Scotia is a non-partisan and independent agency responsible for conducting provincial elections. For more information, please visit electionsnovascotia.ca, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @electionsns.

Voters who have questions about the 41st provincial general election can call 1-800-565-1504.

Media Contact:

Naomi Shelton
Director, Policy and Communications
Elections Nova Scotia

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