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Candidate Expense Reports Filed

Release date: 
August 29, 2017

For Immediate Release
August 29, 2017

The Official agents for 148 of 203 candidates in the 40th Nova Scotia Provincial General Election have filed their election expense report in accordance with section 229 of the Elections Act. The deadline for such expense reports was eighty days after the day fixed for return of the writ, that is, Monday, August 28th.

As of 4pm Monday, an additional 44 candidates have been granted an extension as permitted under section 229. The remaining 11 candidates’ reports can meet the deadline if postmarked on or before August 28th.

Official agents be fined $50 for each day the report is late, under section 314A(1) of the Act.

All candidate election finance reports are posted online within a few days of being received and can be found on the Elections Nova Scotia website. (http://electionsnovascotia.ca/election-data/past-results/may-2017)

A full list of candidates in each electoral district and preliminary poll by poll results is also available on the website. (http://www.electionsnovascotia.ca/preliminarypollbypoll2017)



Media Contact:       Andy LeBlanc
Director, Policy & Communications

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