Elections Nova Scotia

How to Help a First Time Voter in Nova Scotia

Our research shows that the most often cited reason for young people not voting is lack of knowledge of the process. Use the resources on this website to remove the mystery about how to vote.
  • Make sure they register to vote. Celebrate 18th birthdays by helping new electors to register to vote!  Or, don’t wait: Nova Scotians who are prospective voters between 16 and 18 can pre-register by providing their name, address and date of birth to Elections Nova Scotia.  When they become 18 years of age, we will ask them to confirm the information and give permission to be added to the Register of Electors.
  • Make a big deal out of the first time they are able to vote. Go with them to the polls if they'd like you to do that. Commemorate this important coming of age.
  • Watch election debates and talk about candidate performance; or talk to children about their reactions to campaign ads. Young Nova Scotians know their stuff when it comes to assessing someone's TV or in-person performance, or the effectiveness of ads.
  • Watch the election-night coverage, and have your own party!  Invite friends, neighbors, and family to watch the election returns and involve the kids.  Election night results are also featured on the Elections Nova Scotia website at electionsnovascotia.ca
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