Elections Nova Scotia

eLearning for Election Day Workers

The following three training modules are intended for people interested in working during the next election period. Check out what you need to know to become a Poll Clerk, Deputy Returning Officer or Poll Supervisor by clicking on the appropriate image. A new window will pop up with the training module.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing technical issues with links provided at the end of the eLearning modules which will not allow a user to submit their confirmation of completed session or complete a survey. We are trouble shooting and hope to have the issues resolved shortly. Thank you for your patience.


Poll Clerk
The Poll Clerk is an election officer who assists the DRO or DROs in conducting the poll or polls. A poll clerk typically processes the elector and ensures that the elector has the proper voting documentation before being issued a ballot by the DRO. The main role of a poll clerk is to help, document and guide an elector through the check-in process.


Deputy Returning Officer (DRO)
The deputy returning officer, or DRO, is the election officer responsible for the management and conduct of their polling station within a polling location. They provide ballots to the electors and witness the ballots being deposited in the ballot box. The DRO alone is responsible for ballots and voting.  


Poll Supervisor
The Poll Supervisor manages the polling location and supervises the election officers working there. They are expected to provide guidance and support to all elections officers under their supervision, as well as resolve issues and report incidents to their returning office. 


Extra: Voting is for Everyone



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