Elections Nova Scotia

Condos and Apartments Must Provide Access

Release date: 
September 18, 2013

For Immediate Release


September 18, 2013

Condos and Apartments Must Provide Access to Candidates


Elections Nova Scotia has received a number of complaints from candidates that they have been refused access to apartment building and condominium projects.  It is an offence under the Elections Act to impede a candidate campaigning or enumerator gathering information for the Registry of Electors.

“Most managers of apartments and condominiums have cooperated and provided access to candidates and enumerators,” said Richard Temporale, Chief electoral Officer for Nova Scotia. “We have had a few who have refused and fewer still who have continued to refuse access once contacted by a returning officer.  However, we have referred at least one complaint to the RCMP for investigation and possible charges.”

Every person who fails to provide access to candidates or enumerators,  on summary conviction, may be subject  to a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars.




For further information, contact:

Dana Phillip Doiron

Director, Policy and Communications



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