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Sackville-Cobequid By-election – Nomination Fee Waived

Sackville-Cobequid By-election – Nomination Fee Waived

For the upcoming Sackville-Cobequid by-election the $200 candidate nomination fee will not be required as part of the nomination process as outlined in the Elections Act. 

Following the 40th Provincial General Election, several changes to the Elections Act were recommended in Volume II: Report on the Conduct of the May 30, 2017 Provincial General Election and Recommendations for Legislative Change, dated December 2017.  

The recommendation that the nomination fee requirement be removed was based on the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench decision. This recommendation received unanimous support from the members of the Election Commission who represent the three parties with two or more elected members in the House of Assembly. The Act allows the Chief Electoral Officer to modify any provision to permit its use at a by-election.  
This will be the second time the nomination fee was waived. The first was during the Cumberland South by-election held June 19, 2018. 
The writ for the Sackville-Cobequid electoral district has not yet been issued. To date, there are no registered candidates.  
Under the House of Assembly Act, a writ must be issued for the Sackville-Cobequid by-election by May 16, 2019, six months from the date the vacancy occurred. Election day must be a Tuesday between 30 and 46 days from the date the writ was issued.  

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