Elections Nova Scotia

Cumberland South By-election

Cumberland South By-election is June 19, 2018. Watch here for the latest information and updates.



Nominated Candidates, to date:
Larry DUCHESNE             Nova Scotia New Democratic Party (NDP)
Scott LOCKHART              Nova Scotia Liberal Party (NSLP)
Bruce W. MCCULLOCH    Green Party of Nova Scotia (GPNS)

Tory RUSHTON                 Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia (PC)


Media Releases on Cumberland South By-election

May 22, 2018 - Campaign Signage and other Election Advertising
May 17, 2018 – Cumberland South By-election June 19th
April 18, 2018 - Cumberland South By-election – Nomination Fee Waived



Candidate and Party Spending Limits for Cumberland South By-election

Amounts in the Elections Act (updated to include CPI adjustments):

Initial Number of Electors: 10,889 (as of May 10, 2018)
Candidate Spending Limit*: $63,121.39
Maximum Candidate Reimbursement: $17,330.53

Registered Party Spending Limit: $6,369.59

Third Party Maximum Spending in this by-election: $2,225.96

*Candidate spending limit may be adjusted based on the number of electors on the Final List of Electors. The final list will be completed after election day.







Tuesday, June 19, 2018 will be election day for the by-election to be held to elect a member to serve in the House of Assembly for the electoral district of Cumberland South. The following days are pursuant to the Elections Act.

ELECTION DAY  Tuesday June 19,  8am to 8pm
On election day, you must vote at your assigned voting location or the returning office.
Saturday June 9 to Saturday June 16,  9am to 6pm or until 8pm Thursday and Friday. Closed Sunday, June 10

COMMUNITY POLLS  Friday June 15, 9am to 8pm and Saturday June 16 9am to 6pm

RETURNING OFFICE   Open Monday to Saturday. 9am to 6pm or until 8pm Thursday and Friday before election day. Closed Sunday.

                                       Open ELECTION DAY Tuesday June 19, 8am to 8pm.

                             Location: Royal Canadian Legion, 10 Elgin St., Springhill

           By Mail Deadline:              
Saturday June 9         6pm
           In Person and by agent:   Tuesday  June 19       3pm
           Write-in ballots conducted every day except Sunday during hours
           the returning office is open.

NOMINATIONS CLOSE    Wednesday May 30                  2pm

TO VOTE  you must be an eligible elector:
            • 18 years of age or older on June 19
            • A Canadian citizen
            • Lived in Nova Scotia since November 17, 2017
            • Resides in the electoral district of Cumberland South

For information contact Elections Nova Scotia
800-565-1504 or TTY 866-774-7074


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