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New Registered Political Party In Nova Scotia

Release date: 
December 16, 2021

New Registered Political Party In Nova Scotia

Media Release: Thursday, December 16, 2021

Elections Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia now has six registered political parties. A new political party, Nova Scotians United has met the requirements and registered with Elections Nova Scotia.

Section 180 of the Elections Act outlines the application for registration requirements for a political party in Nova Scotia. The Elections Act defines a political party as a group of individuals that has as its primary purpose the fielding of candidates for election as members of the House of Assembly.

Nova Scotians United is now listed as a registered political party on the Elections Nova Scotia website and the party’s audited financial statement is available.

Elections Nova Scotia is a non-partisan and independent agency responsible for conducting provincial elections. For more information, please visit electionsnovascotia.ca and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @electionsns.

Media Contact:

Naomi Shelton
Director, Policy and Communications
Elections Nova Scotia

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