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By-elections in Three Electoral Districts

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August 2, 2019

By-elections in Three Electoral Districts   


Media Release: August 2, 2019

Elections Nova Scotia – The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Richard Temporale, has received an order from the Governor in Council for by-elections to be held in the following three electoral districts: 

  • Argyle-Barrington
  • Northside-Westmount
  • Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg


The CEO has issued writs of election for these electoral districts and election day will be Tuesday, September 3, 2019.  
To date, the following candidates are registered:

Charlene LeBlanc                     Nova Scotia Liberal Party (NSLP)
Colton LeBlanc                     Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia (PC)


Registered eligible voters in these electoral districts will receive a personalized Voter Information Card (VIC) outlining the different options to cast their vote. Eligible voters can be added to the voters list when they vote with the appropriate identification.

Like a provincial general election, eligible voters from the three electoral districts where a by-election is being held will have the option to vote in advance of election day in any of these three districts. If they chose to vote in advance of election day in another district, eligible voters will be given the appropriate ballot with the candidates for their electoral district. This option is available at the returning offices for the for districts with by-elections and at any advance poll location. On elections day voters must vote at their assigned voting location or at the returning office in their own electoral district. 

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