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Plebiscite Results – Annapolis & Colchester Counties

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May 8, 2018

Plebiscite Results – Annapolis & Colchester Counties 


May 8, 2018 


On Tuesday May 8th, 2018 plebiscites were held in the County of Annapolis in municipal Districts #3 and #4, and in the County of Colchester in municipal district #8, pursuant to a request received by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation from each Municipality. The plebiscites in Annapolis County were conducted under the direction of Returning Officer Karl West. The plebiscite in Colchester County was conducted under the direction of Returning Officer Lorraine Dawson. 


Electors in each district voted on the question, “Are you in favour of the sale of liquor in your municipality in accordance with the Liquor Control Act?”; 


Electors in Annapolis County municipal district #3 voted 90 Yes and 9 No. and electors in municipal district #4 voted 134 Yes and 28 No. 


Electors in Colchester County municipal district #8 voted 180 Yes and 26 No. 


These are unofficial results. The official results will be confirmed May 10th on electionsnovascotia.ca. 


For further information, contact:  


Andy LeBlanc 


Director, Policy and Communications 



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