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Out of District Ballots Count About Half-Way

Release date: 
May 30, 2017

Out of District Ballots Count About Half-Way

Elections Nova Scotia has had inquiries about the count of out of district ballots. All ballots will be counted and included in tonight’s results. There appears to be interest due to the record early vote turnout of 112,900 votes by 6pm last Saturday, and that number included about 22,000 out of district and write-in ballots.

As of 10:20pm, all write-in ballots have been counted and reported in electoral district numbers. ENS has about 25 teams counting these out of district ballots.

We estimate that by 10:45pm about 29 of 51 boxes of out of district ballots will be completed or near completion, and the remaining 22 are expected to be reported by about 11:30pm.

Media Contact:         Andy LeBlanc
                              Director, Policy & Communications

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