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Halifax Needham By-election August 2016, Volume II Report Tabled

Release date: 
April 25, 2017

Halifax Needham By-election August 2016, Volume II Report Tabled

April 25, 2017

The Report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the Proceedings of the Halifax Needham By-Election August 30, 2016 Volume II: Financial Information and Statistics was tabled in the House of Assembly today.

Volume II is published as the candidate and party filings have been submitted and reviewed. In February, Volume I was published, which included results and analysis of voting opportunities and elector participation, and recommendations by the Chief Electoral Officer, Richard Temporale.

In addition to providing details on candidate and registered party spending and reimbursements, as well as returning office costs, Volume II includes the first Elections Nova Scotia report on advertising costs related to the by-election in Halifax Needham. Advertising costs totalled $36,414.12.

“The advertising landscape is shifting and alternatives to traditional advertising are increasingly available, so reporting this information provides a baseline for future comparison and ensures accountability and transparency on how taxpayers dollars are spent on advertising.”, says Temporale.

Both reports are available in the Past Elections Results & Statistics section online: electionsnovascotia.ca

Media Contact:      Andy LeBlanc
                              Director, Policy & Communications

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