Elections Nova Scotia

Elections Nova Scotia QSV Awards

Formal recognition of initiative and effort in support of our goals and values


Improvement to systems, policies, procedures


to colleagues or other stakeholders – e.g. parties, candidates, electors


significant contribution of time, talent and expertise that goes the "extra mile"

Recipients in 2013-2014

Lynn Adams, Maritime Digital

Tim Blanchette, Queen's Printer

Mark Coffin, Campus Vote

Dana Doiron, Compliance Team

Susan Dodd, Election Commission

Linda Fares, CIO Buy-back Program

Pierre Gareau, GIS

Lars Goodman, Campus Vote

Peter Gzowski, Compliance Team

Barb Hill, IT Consultant

Brigdit Leger, RCMP compliance Team

Sandi Little, Learning Management System

Keith Lowe, Election Night Results

Lori MacKinnon, Independent Audit Team

Blaine Maxwell, CIO, Computer Buy-back Program

Mike McLean, Armour Transportation

Stephen Misner, GIS

Laurie Morrison, GIS and Campus Vote

Phil Reid , Compliance Team

Dorothy Rice, Compliance Team

Marilyn Singer, Finance Team

Kevin Steeves, GIS

Susan Tate,  Campus Vote Communications

Hansley Wang, GIS

Shawn Way, Logistics and RO Support

Michael Boda, Independent Audit Team

Dawn Borutski, Independent Audit Team

Lauren Chender, Student Vote (CIVIX)

Terry Chisholm, RCMP, Compliance Team

Isabel Collins, Independent Audit Team

Taylor Gunn, Student Vote (CIVIX)

Paul Harpelle, Independent Audit Team

Jill Lawrance, Independent Audit Team

Steve Miller, Independent Audit Team

Harry Neufeld, Independent Audit Team

Ian Parenteau, Independent Audit Team

Judy Richard, Independent Audit Team

Mike Stockfish, Independent Audit Team

Bernie White, Independent Audit Team







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