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Electoral Finance

Candidate Reporting Requirements

Section 203(2) of the Elections Act:

An individual shall apply to be registered under this Section at the earliest of

(a) the date on which the official agent of the individual accepts a contribution;

(b) the date on which the official agent of the individual accepts a transfer from a registered party or an electoral district association; and

(c) the date on which the official agent of the individual incurs an expense in anticipation of an election.

Each official agent of a registered candidate is required to file a financial report no later than March 31 of the year immediately after the calendar year to which the report refers, or 80 days after the individual ceases to be a candidate.

During a by-election or general election, a Candidate who is nominated is deemed to be registered.

In an election year, the financial report is due with 80 days after the day fixed for return of election. All financial reports filed with the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) receive a detailed compliance review.  It is a statutory obligation of the CEO to be satisfied that expenses reported are properly recorded as election or non-election expenses as defined by the Elections Act.  Reimbursements for election expenses shall be paid from public funds in accordance with the Elections Act. Candidate Election expenses as originally filed and as adjusted by the CEO are published on the ENS website following the submission and review.

The candidate’s official agent is encouraged to read the handbook on the ENS website.  The forms are also available on the website.


The rules contained in the Elections Act regarding loans by registered parties, candidates and electroal district associations are complex.  Prior to making or receiving a loan the official agent must understand these rules. There are certain circumstances where a loan may result in a contribution.  The official agent of a candidate has an obligation under the Elections Act to report loan balances until such time as the loan is drawn down to a zero balance.

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