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Accessible voting locations

Accessible voting locations

At Elections Nova Scotia, we’re doing our best to make every polling location accessible. Accessible polling stations have level access, and an internal structure or layout that allows persons with disabilities to cast their ballot without barrier or obstruction.

As well as a physical location that is accessible, election officers are trained to assist those who may need it. When you vote, you may ask to receive assistance in marking your ballot. You may be assisted by a friend or a relative, or the deputy returning officer, it is up to you. Note that if a deputy returning officer assists you, an agent representing a candidate may accompany you as well to observe the assistance given. The only reason a ballot box may be moved by an election officer is to make it easier for a disabled elector to vote.

If you cannot travel to a polling location you can vote with a write-in-ballot from home. In this case, a friend or relative can help you fill out the application and vote with the write-in-ballot if you require. Or you can make an appointment through your local returning office for a write-in-ballot team to visit your home and assist you in voting.

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