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What should you bring when you go to vote?

What should you bring when you go to vote?

If you are registered on the List of Electors then you should have received a Voter Information Card (VIC) in the mail. This card has all the information you need, such as the address for your polling location. If you are not registered on the List of Electors you can still visit a polling station and be registered on that day and vote.

If you need to register remember to bring the appropriate identification documents with you. Appropriate pieces of I.D. include, a Nova Scotia driver’s license, a Nova Scotia identification card, or a Certificate of Indian Status card. You may also bring a combination of documents, each containing your name and one containing your current civic address. Your civic address is where you live and includes unit number, civic number, suffix, street name, street type, street direction and community name. Any two of these documents can be used to register, a Voter Information Card, letter of confirmation, university, college, or school student card, admissions letter or statement of tuition fees, a heath card, Canadian passport, Canadian citizenship card, Canadian Forces ID, birth certificate, social insurance card, vehicle or residence insurance policy, vehicle registration, personalized cheque printed by bank, credit card, library card, hospital bracelet (worn by patient in hospital), statement of benefits (Canada Pensions, Old Age Security, Employment Insurance).

Alternatively, if you do not have the appropriate I.D. to register, you may swear an oath and declare your name and address.

Here’s a video about your Voter Information Card: https://youtu.be/tSTXmM_QUZg


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