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Why is my vote secret?

Why is my vote secret?    

There is no law prohibiting you from telling others who you voted for. But there are laws against taking a picture of your ballot and sharing it. That’s to protect against the possibility of voters being manipulated by others to vote for a certain candidate. If you can’t so proof, you can’t be manipulated. As a general rule, maintaining a secret voting process is important so that electors feel comfortable having their say. Everyone who works with ENS take an oath that requires them to preserve the secrecy of the ballot, to not attempt to discover how a person voted, or to communicate information about how a person voted.

Remember, photography and the operation of an electronic device is not permitted within a polling location without the permission of the Chief Electoral Officer. For this reason, Elections Nova Scotia has selfie stations set up outside of each polling location so you may document the day if you wish.

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