Elections Nova Scotia

Accessible Polling Locations

Accessible Polling Locations

While we aim to have all voting locations accessible for all eligible electors, this is not always achievable because of the tight timeline we work within and the availability of accessible spaces to rent.

If you are a registered elector you should have received a voter information card (VIC) in the mail. Your VIC lists all the nearest polling locations to you and denotes which ones have level access with a wheelchair accessible icon  . You may be able to take advantage of an early voting opportunity which is in an accessible location.

If your nearest polling location is not accessible for you, you can apply for a certificate of transfer by contacting your local Returning Officer who can be found here. A transfer certificate will allow you to vote at another poll which is accessible on election day.

Keep returning to electionsnovascotia.ca for daily updates during the election period. You may also follow us on Twitter @electionsns and facebook.com/electionsnovascotia

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