Elections Nova Scotia

Questions for Elections Nova Scotia?

Questions for Elections Nova Scotia?

As an elector, you may have questions during the election period and are unsure as to where to get answers. Some questions, such as where to vote, what ID to bring, or regulations on election advertising signage can be easily found on electionsnovascotia.ca. While others may not be so easily answered, that is why Elections Nova Scotia is open daily and can be reached at 800-565-1504. Hard of hearing? Call TTY 866-774-7074.

As well as answering your questions you can report an issue if you are not comfortable doing it online. We encourage you to report anything that you may witness that does not seem right. Once a report is made, this issue is usually resolved quickly, and when necessary, an investigation is carried out.

Keep returning to electionsnovascotia.ca for daily updates during the election period. You may also follow us on Twitter @electionsns and facebook.com/electionsnovascotia

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