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How can I become an election worker in this election?

How can I become an election worker in this election?

Thanks for wanting to be a part of the democratic process!

Did you know that only 18 people work at Elections Nova Scotia outside of an election period? When a provincial general election is called, all the pre-election work done by this group needs to be implemented. Everything swings into high gear and the ranks of election workers swell to about 6,000?

If you would like to work during this general election period, read on! If you want to work in any of the positions described below, you can contact a local political party and let them know you are interested in being considered or you check out our Employment listings. (http://www.electionsnovascotia.ca/employment)

Many of the positions are first made available to the people named by the candidates representing the parties that finished first or second in the electoral district in the previous general election. However, if the Returning Officer(RO) is not provided with sufficient qualified individuals, the RO will recruit directly. Contact your local Returning Officer (find your returning officer) about these or other positions available.

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