Elections Nova Scotia

Voting as a New Canadian

Voting as a New Canadian

First, let us congratulate you on choosing to become a citizen of our country. We hope you will be part of the history of Nova Scotia by choosing to vote in our 40th general election this month. Your voice counts! In order to vote in Nova Scotia, you must be:

•       18 years of age or older on election day, i.e., born before May 30, 1999

•       A Canadian citizen

•       A resident of Nova Scotia for six months prior to the day the election was called, since October 30, 2016 or earlier

If you meet the criteria above, then you are eligible to vote in this provincial general election. There is just one more thing, add your name to the list of electors to be mailed a Voter Information Card with information about where and when you can vote. Find out how to get registered click here. If you’re eligible, you can vote even if you’re not on the list of electors.

Keep returning to electionsnovascotia.ca for daily updates during the election period. You may also follow us on Twitter @electionsns and facebook.com/electionsnovascotia

May 6, 2017

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