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Why do we have a List of Electors?

Why do we have a List of Electors?

If you are a Canadian citizen 18 years or older and have lived in Nova Scotia for 6 months or more on the day the writ was issued (since October 30, 2016), then you are a qualified elector and are entitled to one vote. The List of Electors helps us prepare statistics on how many eligible Nova Scotians are voting in each election. The list simplifies and streamlines the process for voters at polls, while ensuring votes are being fairly cast.

How can I check if I am on the List of Electors?

If you receive a voter information card in the mail by May 26th then you are on the list of electors. Simply confirm the information is all correct, and plan to take the Voter Information card (VIC) to the polling station when you vote.

If you did not receive a voter information card, you can see if you are on the list or whether your information is accurate by contacting your local Returning Officer. You will be asked to provide personal information, such as your date of birth, in order for the Returning Officer to confirm you are the elector wishing to check their information. For privacy reasons you can only check your own information. Elections Nova Scotia also has a line for those who are deaf or hard of hearing TTY 902-424-7475 or 1-866-774-7074.

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