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Who is permitted in a polling station during an election?

Who is permitted in a polling station during an election?

Besides those present to vote and appointed or authorized officials, only select individuals are allowed to be in a polling station during an election. Voters may be accompanied by a friend or relative to help cast their ballot. In addition, candidates, up to two scrutineers, or up to two electors representing each candidate, are also permitted. Parents and guardians are encouraged to bring their children to experience the process.

Under certain conditions granted by the Chief Electoral Officer, groups of people may be present for educational purposes. Do not be alarmed if there are media representatives present. Media is only present when permitted by the Chief Electoral Officer and are only there to film or photograph registered party leaders and the candidates running against them as they cast their ballots. Scrutineers are also permitted to use a smartphone camera under circumstances specified in the Elections Act. Otherwise, no cameras are permitted in any voting areas.

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