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Tips for a first-time voter

Tips for a first-time voter

Voting during an election is by secret ballot. Voting can seem overwhelming but the steps are quite simple. First, if you have moved recently and you are registered to vote, you may update your civic address when you go to vote. If you are not registered yet, you can do so when you go to vote.

If you have registered to vote, you will likely receive a voter information card (VIC) in the mail. If you have not received a VIC, you can still vote.

Check the website for early voting locations and to find out where and when to vote: http://electionsnovascotia.ca/early vote

Or, phone your returning office for your nearest polling location. Find your returning office address and phone number: https://enstools.gov.ns.ca/edinfo2012/Location.aspx

Find your correct polling station and election workers will be pleased to guide you through the rest of the process.

You cannot take photos inside the polling area but once you have voted, consider taking a ‘selfie’ at our selfie station just outside the voting area, and share that photo on social media #nsVotes.

Keep returning to electionsnovascotia.ca for daily updates during the election period. You may also follow us on Twitter @electionsns and facebook.com/electionsnovascotia

Find your returning office: https://enstools.gov.ns.ca/edinfo2012/Location.aspx

Find your early voting locations: http://electionsnovascotia.ca/early vote

Learn about the Voter Information Card: https://youtu.be/tSTXmM_QUZg

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