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Candidate and Party Spending Limits for the Preston By-election

Release date: 
July 10, 2023

Candidate and Party Spending Limits for the Preston By-election

Media Release: July 10, 2023

Elections Nova Scotia – Listed below are the candidate and party spending limits and reimbursements for the Preston by-election to be held on Tuesday, August 8, 2023.

The following amounts are determined according to the Elections Act (updated to include CPI adjustments):
Initial Number of Electors: 11,125 (as of July 7, 2023)
Candidate Spending Limit*: $75,679.32
Maximum Candidate Reimbursement: $20,856.43
Registered Party Spending Limit: $7,503.14
Third Party Maximum Spending in this by-election: $2,622.01
*Candidate spending limit may be adjusted based on the number of electors on the Final List of Electors. The final list will be completed after election day.

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Media Contact:

Naomi Shelton
Director, Policy and Communications
Elections Nova Scotia

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