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Campaign Signage and Election Advertising

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July 13, 2023

Campaign Signage and Election Advertising

Media Release: July 13, 2023

Elections Nova Scotia – Now that the Preston by-election is underway in Nova Scotia, people will see campaign signs or be asked to place a sign on their property.

All advertising, by candidates, parties or third parties, which promotes or opposes any candidate or registered party or takes a position on an issue with which a candidate or registered party is associated, is election advertising. Election advertising by candidates and parties must bear the words “authorized by the official agent for [name of candidate or registered party]”.

During a by-election, knowingly spreading false statements about a candidate’s character or conduct during an election is an offence under the Elections Act.

The placement of signs is subject to provincial and municipal laws and regulations. The Elections Act allows a tenant or owner in a multiple-unit residence or a condominium residence to post election signs on their own property. The size and type of poster may be subject to reasonable regulation by the landlord or condominium corporation.

Third party advertising is election advertising by a group or individual who is not directly involved in the election. Third parties that spend $500 or more must register with Elections Nova Scotia and their ads must include an authorization statement.

Municipal rules may vary; please check with the municipal authority in your area if you have concerns. In the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), people with questions about the placement of election signs should call 311. Areas along highways, including some within municipalities, are managed by the Department of Public Works. People who have questions about signs along highways may call a toll-free number 1-844-696-7737 or email tir-occ@novascotia.ca.

Elections Nova Scotia is a non-partisan and independent agency responsible for conducting provincial elections. For more information, please visit electionsnovascotia.ca or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @electionsns.

Media Contact:

Naomi Shelton
Director, Policy and Communications
Elections Nova Scotia

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