Elections Nova Scotia

Liaison Officer Recruitment

Elections Nova Scotia is hiring four Liaison Officers to support our outreach work for the 42nd Provincial General Election in July 2025. Please see the job postings below to find out how to apply.

Liaison Officer Recruitment

Election Nova Scotia has developed a comprehensive Outreach Strategy to improve inclusion, diversity, equity, and access to the electoral process with a particular focus on the 42nd provincial general election, to be held in July 2025.

4 Liaison Officers will work as members of the Outreach Team under the direction of the Director of Policy and Communications and community partners to implement the Outreach Strategy to ensure their voting needs of their under-served communities are understood and met.

There are 4 Liaison Officer positions, 2 First Nations Liaison Officers, an African Nova Scotian Liaison Officer, and an Inclusion Liaison Officer. Click on the links below to view the job description for each Liaison Officer.

Liaison Officer postings close : Friday, May 17, 2024

Please send resume and cover letter to elections@novascotia.ca and in the subject line of the email refer to the Liaison Officer position your are interested in, i.e. First Nations Liaison Officer, African Nova Scotian Liaison Officer, or Inclusion Liaison Officer.

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