Elections Nova Scotia

The 41st Provincial General Election

The 41st provincial general election was held on Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021, was provincial election day for Nova Scotia.

Election Night Results

Click here for official results for the 41 provincial general election.

Candidate and Party Spending and Reimbursements

Click here for a chart of the candidate and party spending limits and reimbursements for the 41st provincial general election. Third party maximum spending is listed as well.

Financial Reporting Deadlines for Candidates and Registered Parties


  • Tax receipts (s. 252(6)), Form 2-5 including unused, spoiled and copy of used tax receipts - Due September 16, 2021
  • Financial report (s. 229) including Audit report- Due November 15, 2021

Registered Party:

  • Election Expense Report (s. 223) – Due December 29, 2021

Third-Party Advertising

Click here for more information about election advertising, campaign signage, and third-party advertising.

Click here for a list of registered third parties for the 41st provincial general election.

Financial Reporting Deadlines for Third Party Advertisers

Third party: Election Advertising Report (s. 282(1))- Due December 17, 2021

Background on Elections Nova Scotia

Elections Nova Scotia is an independent, non-partisan agency that is responsible for the administration of the Elections Act. Its mandate is to conduct Provincial General Elections and by-elections; ensure compliance with the provincial electoral law including the political financing regime; establish and maintain election-related information including the Nova Scotia Register of Electors; seek advice and conduct studies related to electoral processes; and conduct electoral education processes.

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