Elections Nova Scotia

How Do I Get on the Nova Scotia Election Voters List?

How do I get on the List of Electors? It’s easy to make sure your name is on the List of Electors.

Between Elections:

To be added to the List of Electors, download the application form,
complete and send to Elections Nova Scotia.

You can check to see if you are on the List or whether your information is accurate by contacting Elections Nova Scotia at 1-800-565-1504 or TTY 1-866-774-7074. You will be asked to provide personal information, such as your date of birth, in order for us to determine whether you are the elector wishing to check his/her information.

During an election, you can:

  1. Apply at the returning office in your electoral district. The returning officer will add your name to the list and also tell you what polling station you will vote at based on your civic address. Find your returning office using the Electoral District Finder.
  2. Apply at your polling station. The poll clerk will add your name to the list using a Elector Information Form. Be sure to bring appropriate ID.


ID Requirements

You will be asked to show ID to have your name on the list of electors (if you aren't already on it). Even if you have your Voter Information Card in hand, it's always a good idea to bring your proper and current ID to the polling station so there won't be any confusion or delay.

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