Elections Nova Scotia

Chief Electoral Officer Enters into Compliance Agreement with Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus

Release date: 
May 29, 2015
Notice of Compliance Agreement
Nova Scotia Elections Act
This notice is published by the Chief Electoral Officer of Nova Scotia, pursuant to section 299 of the
Elections Act (hereafter referred to as the “Act”).
On May 29, 2015, and pursuant to section 294 of the Act, the Chief Electoral Officer entered into a
compliance agreement with Linda Tweedie, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Executive Director of the Nova
Scotia Liberal Caucus Office, and with Lloyd Hines, of Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Chair of the Nova
Scotia Liberal Caucus. The signatories to the compliance agreement acknowledged that:
 On May 19, 2015, the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus Office published an election advertising flyer which,
on or about May 26, 2015 was distributed by Canada Post to approximately 33,000 households in the
electoral districts of Dartmouth South, Sydney‐Whitney Pier and Cape Breton Centre, during an election,
at a total cost of $7,100.74. The Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus Office thus incurred election advertising
expenses that exceed the limit placed on third‐party advertising in a by‐election under section 275(4) of
the Act. In addition, the advertising piece was published in contravention of section 277 of the Act as it
did not indicate that it was authorized by the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus.
 The Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus Office’s only source of funding is public funding from the Speaker’s
Office. Therefore, pursuant to section 272 of the Act, the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus Office is in breach
of the Act for election advertising using a means of transmission of the government of the Province.
The signatories have accepted responsibility for these acts. Before entering into this compliance
agreement, the Chief Electoral Officer took into account a number of considerations, including the fact
that Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus Office has promptly admitted the facts and taken responsibility for the
acts that led to the compliance agreement.
Under the compliance agreement, the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus Office has agreed to reimburse the
election advertising expenses incurred from non‐public funds.
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