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Signs and Advertising on Election Day

Signs and Advertising on Election Day

Although advertising for or against a candidate or political party on election day is permitted, there are regulations governing advertising activities. The Elections Act prohibits campaign advertising within 60 metres of a polling location or returning office. Campaign advertising includes any literature, emblem, ribbon, flag, banner, card, bill, poster or device that supports or opposes a candidate or a registered party.

On election day, a vehicle displaying signage for the promotion or opposition of a candidate or a registered party may drive by a returning office or polling location if the building is on the way to a destination. However, if the vehicle is repeatedly seen driving by a returning office or polling location it is considered campaign advertising. 

Candidates, their official agents, scrutineers or an elector representing a candidate are permitted to be present in a polling location. Although, only two individuals representing a candidate (including the candidate) are permitted in a polling location at one time.

You may also see election advertising on radio and television and newspapers on election day. Such election advertising was banned in previous general elections but that part of the Elections Act has since been repealed.

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