Elections Nova Scotia

University and College Campus Polls for Nova Scotia Elections

If you are a Canadian citizen, 18 years or older on election day and have lived in Nova Scotia for the six months before the day the election was called, then you have the right to vote. It's as simple as that.

You vote according to the electoral district in which you live.

  • Jeff is a fourth year student from Truro. A provincial general election is called while Jeff is living in Halifax attending university. He is eligible to vote at the Campus Poll for a candidate in the electoral district where he lives in Halifax or Truro, whichever he declares to be his residence.
  • Eileen is a first year student from Ottawa. She is living in Antigonish while attending university when an election is called a few months into the school year. She is not an eligible elector as she does not meet the six months provincial residency rule.
  • Bill is at university in Sydney for the second year. During the summer he worked in Alberta. Although he was out of province for a time, he was a resident six months before the day the election was called and is eligible to vote in the in the Campus Poll for a candidate in the electoral district of Sydney-Whitney Pier if he declares it to be his residence.

If you are not already registered as an elector...

...you will need to add your name to the list of electors by registering before you vote.

You will require suitable proof of identity showing your name and civic address. If you do not have one government issued document (for example, a driver's license) with this information, you can use two current documents, one showing both your name and civic address (such as a telephone bill or lease) and one showing your name (such as a Health Card). Or, you can sign a declaration stating that you are eligible to vote.

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