Elections Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Electoral Boundaries Commission

Every ten years, the electoral boundaries of Nova Scotia are subject to review by an Electoral Boundaries Commission. The independent Nova Scotia Electoral Boundaries Commission is established under Section 5 of the House of Assembly Act.


Changes in population call for shifts in legislative representation. The mandate of the commission is to prepare a report, for approval by the House, recommending the names and boundaries for the electoral districts comprising the House of Assembly. The commission is appointed and issued terms of reference by a select committee of the House constituted to appoint the members of the commission. Within ten sitting days after the final report of the commission is tabled in the House, the Government shall introduce legislation to implement the recommendations contained in the final report of the commission.


The last Electoral Boundaries Commission was established by the Select Committee on Establishing an Electoral Boundaries Commission on December 30, 2011. That Commission’s Final Report was presented on September, 2012, marked the completion of the third review of Nova Scotia’s electoral boundaries by independent commissions to ensure that legislative representation keeps pace with population growth and movement. The electoral district boundaries came into effect on the dissolution of the House before the 39th Provincial General Election that was held on October 9, 2013.

The next Electoral Boundaries Commission must be established by December 31, 2022.

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