Elections Nova Scotia

Registered Candidates

Candidates for the 40th provincial general election must be registered under Section 203 of the Elections Act in order to accept a contribution or transfer or incur an expense in consequence of an election. Registered candidates may enter any apartment building, condominium complex, residential centre or any other residential complex (with the exception of university and college residences) for the purpose of lawfully campaigning. Registered candidates are responsible to file an annual financial report [click here to view forms] as described in Section 230 of the Act. The following table lists candidates who are currently registered.

Candidates should review the Information for Prospective Candidates [click here for the PDF file] and the Candidate's Handbook (Non-Financial) [click here for the PDF file] for additional information.

Electoral District

Atlantica Party

Green Party



Progressive Conservative





    Randy Delorey Moraig Macgillivary Ray Mattie  




    Kelly Regan   Valerie White  

Cape Breton Centre


Cape Breton-Richmond


Chester-St. Margaret's

    Hugh MacKay

Denise Peterson Rafuse



    Gordan Wilson      

Clayton Park West

    Diana Whalen   Paul Kimball  

Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley

        Larry Harrison  

Colchester North


Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage

    Joyce Treen   Barbara Adams  

Cole Harbour-Portland Valley

    Tony Ince      

Cumberland North

    Terry Edward Farrell  

Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin


Cumberland South

    Kenny John Jackson   Jamie Bailliee  

Dartmouth East




Dartmouth North

    Joanne Bernard Susan Leblanc Melanie Russell  


    Keith Colwell      

Dartmouth South

    Vishal Bhardwaj      

Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie

    Lloyd Hines   Rob Wolf  

Eastern Shore

    Kevin Murphy      

Fairview-Clayton Park

    Patrica Arab      

Glace Bay


Halifax Armdale

    Lena Diab      

Halifax Atlantic

    Brendan Maguire      

Halifax Chebucto

    Joachim Stroink Gary Burrill John Wesley Chisholm  

Halifax Citadel-Sable Island

    Labi Kousoulis Glenn Walton    

Halifax Needham

      Lisa Roberts    

Hammonds Plains-Lucasville

    Ben Jessome      

Hants East

    Margaret Miller      

Hants West

    Garnet (Chuck) Porter   Janice Diane Munroe Dodge  


        Allan MacMaster  

Kings North

        John A Lohr  

Kings South

    Keith Irving Stephen Schneider    

Kings West



    Suzanne Lohens-Croft Marc Breaugh Brian Pickings  

Lunenburg West

    Mark Furey      

Northside Westmount

    John Higgins   Eddie Orrell  

Pictou Centre

    Jeff Davis  

Pat Dunn


Pictou East

        Tim Houston  

Pictou West



    Vernon Oickle   Kim Masland  

Sackville-Beaver Bank

    Stephen Gough      


    Michel Hindlet  

John Giannakos


Sydney-Whitney Pier


Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg

        Alfie MacLeod  


    Iain Rankin Linda Moxsom Skinner    

Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River

    Craig Johnson      

Victoria-The Lakes

    Pamela Eyking   Keith Bain  

Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank

    Bill Horne      


    Zach Churchill      


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