Elections Nova Scotia

Elections Nova Scotia celebrates Democracy Week

Elections Nova Scotia celebrates Democracy Week


Here are some of our posts on Twitter and Facebook during Democracy Week September 15-21, 2018:


Get on the Voters List. It’s easy for Nova Scotians to register online to be included on both the provincial and national register of electors. Learn how: https://electionsnovascotia.ca/voters/get-on-the-voters-list


Did you know: You can review results from elections in Nova Scotia since 1867: https://electionsnovascotia.ca/election-data/past-results


Did you know: The NS Legislature website is an online resource of political history in the province: https://nslegislature.ca/about/history  


Did you know: You can watch the House of Assembly live on legislative TV every day the House is in session. Watch now: https://nslegislature.ca/legislative-business/legislative-tv/


It’s Democracy Week. Puzzle and Wordsearch fans, read a special edition of The Novascotian https://electionsnovascotia.ca/sites/default/files/2.pdf before solving the crossword puzzle and wordsearch game:  https://electionsnovascotia.ca/sites/default/files/5.pdf


Democracy Week puzzle answer key: https://electionsnovascotia.ca/sites/default/files/6a.pdf  and Wordsearch answer key: https://electionsnovascotia.ca/sites/default/files/6b.pdf Don’t check until you’ve finished! Hope you had fun.


@ElectionsCan_E @democracyCA has launched a new website with educational resources for secondary students and teachers. Check it out: https://electionsanddemocracy.ca/


DYK, every electoral district map is available on our website. Find your electoral district:  https://enstools.gov.ns.ca/edinfo2012/


Are you now 18 years old or have you moved to NS at least six months ago? You can now get your name on the Voters List by registering online: https://electionsnovascotia.ca/voters/get-on-the-voters-list


Are you a new Canadian citizen? You may now be eligible to vote. Learn more https://electionsnovascotia.ca/voters/new-canadians


Electoral district boundaries are under review in Nova Scotia. For more information about the Electoral Boundaries Commission: https://nselectoralboundaries.ca/

Also, current electoral map boundaries are available online and include the name of your MLA: https://enstools.gov.ns.ca/edinfo2012/

Take a Quiz to see what you know about NS elections and political history. Link to quiz (without answers) https://electionsnovascotia.ca/sites/default/files/3.pdf
Then, here is the answer key to check how well you did: https://electionsnovascotia.ca/sites/default/files/4.pdf Thanks for participating!


Elections Nova Scotia celebrates Democracy Week


September 14, 2018


Elections Nova Scotia is participating in Canada’s Democracy Week September 15-21, 2018.


We’ll be offering tips on getting on the voters list, on finding educational and in-depth electoral information, and will share information about democratic initiatives at Elections Nova Scotia, and other electoral jurisdictions across Canada. Watch for highlights on Twitter @electionsns, on Facebook www.facebook.com/electionsnovascotia and the electionsnovascotia.ca website.


Canada’s Democracy Week is organized by Elections Canada, a non-partisan agency created by Parliament that aims to raise awareness of democracy and the importance of voting, particularly among youth. It builds on the United Nations’ International Day of Democracy on September 15 and extends the celebration with a week of activities to highlight Canada's democratic traditions and achievements. Visit www.democracy-democratie.ca.


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