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51 Electoral District Maps, as of 2012

The maps on this page represent the 51 electoral districts that were in legislated in 2012 and came into effect for the 39th provincial general election held in October 2013.

51 Electoral District Maps, as of 2012

These 51 boundaries were enacted in 2012. The current members of the House of Assembly were elected based on this electoral boundary set. These boundaries will continue to be used for any by-elections taking place prior to the 41st provincial general election.

These maps are available in PDF, Shapefile, or KML formats.

Electoral District Information

40th Provincial General Election - Electoral District Maps & Map Guide Books

District Electoral District Map Guide Book Polling Division
Annapolis  Electoral District Map 01    Map Guide ED01 ED01-SHP ED01-KMZ
Antigonish    Electoral District Map 02    Map Guide ED02 ED02-SHP ED02-KMZ
Argyle-Barrington  Electoral District Map 03    Map Guide ED03 ED03-SHP ED03-KMZ
Bedford  Electoral District Map 04    Map Guide ED04 ED04-SHP ED04-KMZ
Cape Breton Centre  Electoral District Map 05    Map Guide ED05 ED05-SHP ED05-KMZ
Cape Breton-Richmond  Electoral District Map 06    Map Guide ED06 ED06-SHP ED06-KMZ
Chester-St. Margaret's  Electoral District Map 07    Map Guide ED07 ED07-SHP ED07-KMZ
Clare-Digby  Electoral District Map 08    Map Guide ED08 ED08-SHP ED08-KMZ
Clayton Park West  Electoral District Map 09    Map Guide ED09 ED09-SHP ED09-KMZ
Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley  Electoral District Map 10    Map Guide ED10 ED10-SHP ED10-KMZ
Colchester North  Electoral District Map 11    Map Guide ED11 ED11-SHP ED11-KMZ
Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage    Electoral District Map 12    Map Guide ED12 ED12-SHP ED12-KMZ
Cole Harbour-Portland Valley    Electoral District Map 13    Map Guide ED13 ED13-SHP ED13-KMZ
Cumberland North    Electoral District Map 14    Map Guide ED14 ED14-SHP ED14-KMZ
Cumberland South    Electoral District Map 15    Map Guide ED15 ED15-SHP ED15-KMZ
Dartmouth East    Electoral District Map 16    Map Guide ED16 ED16-SHP ED16-KMZ
Dartmouth North    Electoral District Map 17    Map Guide ED17 ED17-SHP ED17-KMZ
Preston-Dartmouth    Electoral District Map 18    Map Guide ED18 ED18-SHP ED18-KMZ
Dartmouth South    Electoral District Map 19    Map Guide ED19 ED19-SHP ED19-KMZ
Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie    Electoral District Map 20    Map Guide ED20 ED20-SHP ED20-KMZ
Eastern Shore    Electoral District Map 21    Map Guide ED21 ED21-SHP ED21-KMZ
Fairview-Clayton Park    Electoral District Map 22    Map Guide ED22 ED22-SHP ED22-KMZ
Glace Bay    Electoral District Map 23    Map Guide ED23 ED23-SHP ED23-KMZ
Halifax Armdale    Electoral District Map 24    Map Guide ED24 ED24-SHP ED24-KMZ
Halifax Atlantic    Electoral District Map 25    Map Guide ED25 ED25-SHP ED25-KMZ
Halifax Chebucto    Electoral District Map 26    Map Guide ED26 ED26-SHP ED26-KMZ
Halifax Citadel-Sable Island    Electoral District Map 27    Map Guide ED27 ED27-SHP ED27-KMZ
Halifax Needham    Electoral District Map 28    Map Guide ED28 ED28-SHP ED28-KMZ
Hammonds Plains-Lucasville    Electoral District Map 29    Map Guide ED29 ED29-SHP ED29-KMZ
Hants East    Electoral District Map 30    Map Guide ED30 ED30-SHP ED30-KMZ
Hants West    Electoral District Map 31    Map Guide ED31 ED31-SHP ED31-KMZ
Inverness    Electoral District Map 32    Map Guide ED32 ED32-SHP ED32-KMZ
Kings North    Electoral District Map 33    Map Guide ED33 ED33-SHP ED33-KMZ
Kings South    Electoral District Map 34    Map Guide ED34 ED34-SHP ED34-KMZ
Kings West    Electoral District Map 35    Map Guide ED35 ED35-SHP ED35-KMZ
Lunenburg    Electoral District Map 36    Map Guide ED36 ED36-SHP ED36-KMZ
Lunenburg West    Electoral District Map 37    Map Guide ED37 ED37-SHP ED37-KMZ
Northside Westmount    Electoral District Map 38    Map Guide ED38 ED38-SHP ED38-KMZ
Pictou Centre    Electoral District Map 39    Map Guide ED39 ED39-SHP ED39-KMZ
Pictou East    Electoral District Map 40    Map Guide ED40 ED40-SHP ED40-KMZ
Pictou West    Electoral District Map 41    Map Guide ED41 ED41-SHP ED41-KMZ
Queens-Shelburne    Electoral District Map 42    Map Guide ED42 ED42-SHP ED42-KMZ
Sackville-Beaver Bank    Electoral District Map 43    Map Guide ED43 ED43-SHP ED43-KMZ
Sackville-Cobequid    Electoral District Map 44    Map Guide ED44 ED44-SHP ED44-KMZ
Sydney-Whitney Pier    Electoral District Map 45    Map Guide ED45 ED45-SHP ED45-KMZ
Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg    Electoral District Map 46    Map Guide ED46 ED46-SHP ED46-KMZ
Timberlea-Prospect    Electoral District Map 47    Map Guide ED47 ED47-SHP ED47-KMZ
Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River    Electoral District Map 48    Map Guide ED48 ED48-SHP ED48-KMZ
Victoria-The Lakes    Electoral District Map 49    Map Guide ED49 ED49-SHP ED49-KMZ
Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank    Electoral District Map 50    Map Guide ED50 ED50-SHP ED50-KMZ
Yarmouth    Electoral District Map 51    Map Guide ED51 ED51-SHP ED51-KMZ


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