Elections Nova Scotia

Preparing for the Next Provincial General Election

Without a fixed date election cycle in Nova Scotia, Elections Nova Scotia must be ready to deliver the next Provincial General Election (PGE). Elections Nova Scotia is currently working towards an election readiness date of April 1, 2021.


Nova Scotia is the only province in Canada without a fixed election date. Elections Nova Scotia must anticipate the earliest date on which a provincial general election could be called and plan accordingly.

Elections Nova Scotia is currently working to be election ready by April 1, 2021. Given that the 40th provincial general election was held on May 30, 2017, the spring of 2022 is the latest possible time the 41st provincial general election could occur.

Elections Nova Scotia is an independent, non-partisan agency that is responsible for the administration of the Elections Act. Its mandate is to conduct provincial general elections and by-elections; ensure compliance with the provincial electoral law including the political financing regime; establish and maintain election-related information including the Nova Scotia Register of Electors; seek advice and conduct studies related to electoral processes; and, conduct electoral education processes.

New Electoral Boundaries

In the fall of 2019, House of Assembly legislated 55 electoral district boundaries as recommended by the Electoral Boundaries Commission. These 55 new district boundaries come into force for the next provincial general election (41st).

Please follow this link for maps of the 55 new electoral district boundaries.

A map of each electoral district is also available using the links in the chart below.

Any by-elections taking place prior to the 41st provincial general election will be based on the 51 electoral district boundaries defined in 2012.

The new 55 electoral district boundaries also required new returning officer appointments. The new appointments are in place and more information can be found on the Returning Officer page.

Find Your Electoral District

Follow this link to find your electoral district for the 41st Provincial General Election in the new 55 electoral districts.

Any by-elections taking place prior to the next provincial general election will be based on the 51 boundaries defined in 2012. The current members of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly were elected on these 51 boundaries. Follow this link to find your MLA and current electoral district in the 51 electoral boundaries.

Legislative Changes

On February 21, 2020, legislative amendments to the Elections Act were tabled in the House of Assembly in Bill 225.

These amendments improve transparency and clarify processes for electors and candidates, loosen current operational restrictions by simplifying electoral administration and provide financial support for candidates who incur additional costs for childcare, elder care, spousal care, or disability.

Bill 225 received Royal Assent during the spring 2020 session of the House of Assembly, the changes will come into effect when it is proclaimed by Executive Council. Please following this link for more information on the legislative changes in Bill 225.

New Policies

Elections Nova Scotia has some new policies in place which will apply to candidates in the 41st provincial general election. These include the following:

Conducting a Safe Election - COVID-19 Precautions

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique challenge to Election Nova Scotia’s election readiness planning. Staff are working with the Chief Medical Officer of Health to determine what infection control precautions are needed to ensure the safety and confidence of voters, election workers, candidates, and their campaign teams during the next provincial general election. Elections Nova Scotia is committed to planning for the safe delivery of a fair and inclusive election. More information on the precautions that will be in place for the next provincial elections will be posted as the final plans are determined.

Candidate Registration

Candidates that are planning to run in the next provincial general election must register with Elections Nova Scotia before they can receive a contribution or transfer, or incurred an expense. Candidate may register at any time. Please see the Candidate and Official Agent page for more information on how to register.

Candidates that are currently registered for the pending 41st provincial general election are listed in the electoral district chart below.

Registered Political Party Abbreviations

Follow this link for more information on the registered political parties in Nova Scotia.

Atlantica - Atlantica Party Association of Nova Scotia
Green - Green Party of Nova Scotia
NDP - Nova Scotia New Democratic Party
NSLP - Nova Scotia Liberal Party
PC - Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia

Electoral District Maps and Registered Candidates

The following chart provides the names of candidates currently registered in each electoral district as well as a link to a map of the electoral district boundaries. Candidate names will be added as they register.

Electoral District Registered Candidates
(Names will be added as registration is received)
Electoral District Map
1. Annapolis     Electoral District Map 01
2. Antigonish     Electoral District Map 02
3. Argyle     Electoral District Map 03
4. Bedford Basin     Electoral District Map 04
5. Bedford South     Electoral District Map 05
6. Cape Breton Centre-Whitney Pier     Electoral District Map 06
7. Cape Breton East     Electoral District Map 07
8. Chester-St. Margaret's     Electoral District Map 08
9. Clare     Electoral District Map 09
10. Clayton Park West     Electoral District Map 10
11. Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley     Electoral District Map 11
12. Colchester North     Electoral District Map 12
13. Cole Harbour     Electoral District Map 13
14. Cole Harbour-Dartmouth     Electoral District Map 14
15. Cumberland North     Electoral District Map 15
16. Cumberland South     Electoral District Map 16
17. Dartmouth Tim Halman, PC Electoral District Map 17
18. Dartmouth North      Electoral District Map 18
19. Dartmouth South     Electoral District Map 19
20. Digby-Annapolis     Electoral District Map 20
21. Eastern Passage Barb Adams, PC Electoral District Map 21
22. Eastern Shore     Electoral District Map 22
23. Fairview-Clayton Park     Electoral District Map 23
24. Glace Bay-Dominion John White, PC Electoral District Map 24
25. Guysborourgh-Tracadie     Electoral District Map 25
26. Halifax Armdale     Electoral District Map 26
27. Halifax Atlantic     Electoral District Map 27
28. Halifax Chebucto     Electoral District Map 28
29. Halifax Citadel-Sable Island     Electoral District Map 29
30. Halifax Needham     Electoral District Map 30
31. Hammonds Plains-Lucasville     Electoral District Map 31
32. Hants East     Electoral District Map 32
33. Hants West Melissa Sheehy-Richard, PC Electoral District Map 33
34. Inverness     Electoral District Map 34
35. Kings North John Lohr, PC Electoral District Map 35
36. Kings South     Electoral District Map 36
37. Kings West     Electoral District Map 37
38. Lunenburg     Electoral District Map 38
39. Lunenburg West     Electoral District Map 39
40. Northside Westmount     Electoral District Map 40
41. Pictou Centre Pat Dunn, PC Electoral District Map 41
42. Pictou East Tim Houston, PC Electoral District Map 42
43. Pictou West     Electoral District Map 43
44. Preston     Electoral District Map 44
45. Queens     Electoral District Map 45
46. Richmond Trevor Boudreau, PC Electoral District Map 46
47. Sackville-Cobequid Steve Craig, PC Electoral District Map 47
48. Sackville-Uniacke     Electoral District Map 48
49. Shelburne     Electoral District Map 49
50. Sydney-Membertou     Electoral District Map 50
51. Timberlea-Prospect     Electoral District Map 51
52. Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River Dave Ritcey, PC Electoral District Map 52
53. Victoria-The Lakes     Electoral District Map 53
54. Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank     Electoral District Map 54
55. Yarmouth     Electoral District Map 55
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